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BerniePortal product development planning 2019



User-focused development

First and foremost, we believe that quality software should serve the wants and needs of its users. That’s why BerniePortal product development directly reflects the feedback our team gets from its users. In the spirit of this feedback-based development model, BerniePortal Founder & CEO, Alex Tolbert, led two meta-planning breakout sessions at BerniePortal’s 2nd annual users conference, Weekdays with Bernie 2019.

During these breakout sessions, BerniePortal Broker Partners from across the country generated new product ideas. From this feedback, we’ve identified our users’ top development priorities and created a product roadmap to directly serve these priorities. 

Of course we don't want to spoil all the good stuff to come, so in this blog we touch on the improvements made to BerniePortal as a direct result of the Weekdays with Bernie 2018 Meta-Planning session. 

Users asked for: More integration options

How we delivered: Within the past year, BerniePortal has expanded its integration options to include:

  • Indeed: Any job published to BerniePortal Applicant Tracking now automatically posts to Indeed. When candidates apply to BerniePortal job postings through Indeed, that information populates in BerniePortal with no administrative effort.

  • Proliant: Proliant now integrates with BerniePortal in real-time. Through this integration, Proliant can pull the benefits deduction and demographic data necessary to run payroll.

  • New BernieBill Partners: BernieBill is BerniePortal’s native billing solution that insurance carriers use to issue bills directly through BerniePortal, creating a more accurate and up-to-date billing experience. BerniePortal has expanded its existing partnership with Guardian while adding two new BernieBill partners: InfoArmor and Hyatt Legal, A MetLife Company.

Users asked for: Enhanced reporting options


How we delivered: This year, BerniePortal Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 10.36.19 AMreleased custom reporting, the ability for users to customize the information that is included in their reports. BerniePortal also added several standard reporting options and did a complete overhaul of BerniePortal’s reporting UX.



Users asked for: More PTO flexibility

How we delivered: PTO policies are shaped by locale, industry and organizational structure, which means that PTO policies are often unique to a given business. In order to accommodate a wide range of PTO needs, BerniePortal now allows employees to request PTO in as small as 15 minute increments.

Additionally, we've launched the ability to enable PTO requests on Saturdays and Sundays—depending on the organization's work week. In addition to these improvements, we've updated BerniePortal's PTO user interface to include an interactive PTO calendar and a simplified request-through-approval process.


All BerniePortal product updates

Of course, we've barely scratched the surface when it comes to improvements made to BerniePortal this year. Take a look at all BerniePortal enhancements and updates from the last three years by going to our BerniePortal Product Updates page!



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