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6 ways BerniePortal improves onboarding

6 ways BerniePortal improves onboarding


How to improve onboarding

A recent study found that 40% of HR professionals feel like time is being wasted on ineffective onboarding processes. If onboarding is still being done on paper or in an ineffective system, the employee’s first first days are most likely being spent going through pages and pages of documentation. Onboarding time should be spent bringing the employee up-to-speed on the company operations and their new position - not on paperwork. Here’s how BerniePortal is helping employers improve their onboarding processes:  

1. Get it done before the first day

Employees don’t have to spend any of their first day on paperwork. Upon hire, BerniePortal can send a custom email to the new employee asking them to fill out the required paperwork prior to their first day of work. This is a great way to optimize your time but it also allows the new employee to discuss tax forms and benefit enrollment at home with their significant other.

2. Online W-4s & I-9s

You can forget the headaches that come associated with collecting W-4s and I-9s. BerniePortal automates and simplifies the W-4. It also provides more detailed instructions for employees who need it. I-9s are also included and employees can easily upload their required documents. It’s important to note that employers are legally required to examine the physical documents that new hires supply with their I-9 and they should still do this. In addition to the W-4 and I-9, BerniePortal also includes all state withholding forms.

3. Notices

Is there specific information you want employees to know when they start? No problem. You can send them a message that they will see when they first log-in to the portal. For example, here at BerniePortal we send new employees a message welcoming them and directing them to what forms should be completed before their first day of work.

4. Direct deposit

BerniePortal also simplifies direct deposit. Employees can input their account information. If they happen to change banks, they can update their own information through BerniePortal at any given time.

5. Customizable onboarding documents

Most employers have customized documents that require signatures such as sexual harassment policies or employee handbook acknowledgements. With BerniePortal, you can easily upload these documents

6. Benefit enrollment

In addition to automating documents, BerniePortal at it’s core automates the benefits enrollment process. Similar to online shopping, employees can easily enroll in their benefits and select a plan that works for them.

If you or your clients are spending an employee's entire first day going through hundreds of pages of benefits, it’s time to update your process. With HR and benefits software, imagine how employees could be spending their first day on the job.


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