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BerniePortal March 2019 Dynamic Duo Spotlight


Broker Partner + Client Success

BerniePortal is more than just a software platform to its licensees—it’s a partnership! In order to demonstrate our commitment to this partnership approach, we’ve asked broker partner Teresa Marble, Golsan Scruggs Insurance & Risk Management and her Client Success Team Member, Eric Wolfenbarger to share their experience as a team. 


Golsan/Scruggs + Eric Wolfenbarger

What Teresa has to say about the partnership
We pride ourselves on providing our group clients with responsive and accurate customer service.  This is only as good as the support you get from the rest of your team.  Although, BerniePortal is clean and simple for employers & employees to navigate, it’s biggest asset is their top-notch customer support.  My “BerniePortal Partner”, Eric, takes the information I send, and turns it into an enrollment ready site in very little time.  He is always quick to respond to my questions and is a great problem-solver.

- Teresa Marble, Golsan Scruggs Insurance & Risk Management, WA
 What Eric has to say about the partnership

Teresa and her team at Golsan/Scruggs have really done a stellar job incorporating BerniePortal into their agency's value proposition.  Teresa has been actively using BerniePortal for the better part of three years and has been able to successfully integrate several of BerniePortal's key features into her groups such as, COBRA, Compliance, BernieBill, and 1094C/1095C reporting.

I love working with Teresa, and have been able to cultivate a rewarding working relationship with her and her co-workers.  I honestly feel like I'm part of the Golsan/Scruggs team when I'm working with her!

-Eric Wolfenbarger, BerniePortal Client Success


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