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BerniePortal June 2019 Dynamic Duo Spotlight

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Dynamic Duo: Barrett, Liner & Buss + Taylor Dennis

BerniePortal is more than just a software platform to its licensees—it’s a partnership! In order to demonstrate our commitment to this approach, we’ve asked broker partner Laurel Lingle at Barrett, Liner & Buss, LLC and Advisor Success team member, Taylor Dennis, to share more about their partnership and experience working together.

What Laurel has to say about the partnership

BerniePortal has been a game-changer for Barrett, Liner & Buss! Since partnering in 2017, we have successfully migrated over 100 clients comprised of approximately 2,000 members onto the system. BerniePortal has significantly streamlined the open enrollment process and improved day-to-day HR administration. From simplified onboarding, to direct billing and efficient handling of COBRA requirements, BerniePortal has become a vital service tool for our agency and customers.

Our Advisor Success expert, Taylor, has been an integral part of our positive experience with BerniePortal. Taylor’s knowledge of the system, attention to detail, and ability to provide creative solutions has proven to be crucial in the successful implementation of BerniePortal throughout our agency!

- Laurel Lingle, Barrett, Liner & Buss, LLC

What Taylor has to say about the partnership

Barrett, Liner & Buss is a team full of innovative thinkers doing complex work. They are wonderful partners, always wanting to learn more and take full advantage of everything BerniePortal has to offer.

We have cultivated a professional relationship that allows us to bounce ideas off of one another and ultimately find solutions that make their clients happy and their processes successful and streamlined. It has been a joy to be a part of their team for the past two years.

- Taylor Dennis, BerniePortal Advisor Success 

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