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Guided Onboarding for New Employers

Guided Onboarding for New Employers

Onboarding your organization onto BerniePortal? We recently released a new guided onboarding experience that will help you set up your organization more quickly, with less hassle along the way. In just 15-20 minutes, your entire organization will be successfully onboarded with BerniePortal.


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We designed this onboarding process as a checklist to easily track your progress. Have to run to another meeting halfway through? No problem, your checklist will save as you go.

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10 Onboarding Steps to Set Your Organization Up for Success:

  • Your Information: Since you are setting up your organization's account, you are the feature admin and will enter all your personal details here. The information requested is basic employee demographics such as name, birthdate, social, address, and compensation information.
  • Add A Logo: Add a personal touch to your employee’s accounts by uploading your organization’s logo that they will see every time they sign in.
  • Employer Information: Tell us who you are by entering your organization's name and address here. 
  • New Hire Checklist: Create a custom new hire checklist so you’re ready when you welcome new members to your team. You can customize team’s onboarding checklists by department, meaning managers can now easily track essential new hire tasks leading up to day one and beyond. You can quickly mark off tasks as they’re completed, leading to a more efficient onboarding process—and leaving even less room for error when it comes to new hire compliance.
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  • Labeling: Do you segment employees for cost allocation or other purposes (e.g. by departments, divisions, locations)? Indicate the labels you want to use here. Do the same if you use terms other than "Manager" and "Report," and BerniePortal will customize itself for the terms you use.
  • Subgroups: Do you have different sets of subgroups you want to divide employees into for benefits? For example, do you offer better PTO and health insurance coverage to your managers? Create and organize subgroups in this section.

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  • Import Employees: Fill out our pre-made template to mass import all your employees at once. You will need to fill in each employee’s account information such as address, salary, which benefits subgroup they belong to, etc.

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  • Feature Admins: Share your admin privileges with another colleague in this section.
  • Assign Employees: With just a few clicks, move and assign employees to one of the benefits subgroups you created a few steps earlier. 
  • Indeed Integration: We saved the best for last. Flip the Indeed integration toggle on to ensure all job listings you create within BerniePortal post automatically to their site. candidates will be fed directly to you in BerniePortal, even if they apply within Indeed.

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Don’t know the answer for one of the onboarding steps? You can skip any of the steps and re-visit them later. No more getting hung up and slowing down your day.

Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 10.29.21 AMIf you have any issues during onboarding, our team and Knowledge Base are here to help you every step of the way. We believe onboarding to a new platform should be exciting--not exhausting--for your HR team.


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