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BerniePortal Announces Strategic Partnership with Google Workspace

BerniePortal Announces Strategic Partnership with Google Workspace

Does your company use Google Workspace to store important company documents and stay connected as a team? If yes, we’ve got good news! You can seamlessly integrate your Google Workspace with BerniePortal, allowing you to add members of your team to your Workspace in just a few clicks.

This Google Workspace integration will automatically create a company email and give the new hire access to shared company workspacesone less thing you have to worry about before their first day. 


Getting Started:

Activating this feature will only take a few minutes but save you hours. In order to reap the benefits of this integration, you will have to toggle it “on” in your Account Settings.


bernieportal google integration settings

Once you toggle the integration button on, you will be redirected to sign into your Google account and then provided with a code to paste into your BerniePortal account.


Access screen to approve Google Workspace to integrate into BerniePortal

Once you authenticate the code, you will be prompted to specify the format your company wants email addresses set up for future new hires.

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 8.36.52 AM-2

Onboarding a New Hire:

As a hiring manager, hearing “I accept the offer” is such a sigh of relief. However, that relief can quickly fade with the realization of a long to-do list before your new hire starts. BerniePortal not only helps you manage applicant tracking in the hiring process, but also follows suit with a seamless onboarding process.


Whether your team works from home, in the office, or a hybrid of both, it’s never been easier to stay connected and productive with tools like Google Workspace and BerniePortal. We are thrilled about this strategic partnership. Request a demo today to see it in action, and we guarantee you’ll love it, too.

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