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Capterra Names BerniePortal a Top Applicant Tracking Systems of 2021

Capterra Names BerniePortal a Top Applicant Tracking Systems of 2021

We have exciting news to share! BerniePortal has been named one of Capterra's top Applicant Tracking Systems and "Noteworthy Products" for 2021. Capterra has been reviewing software solutions since 1999, and provides their audience with the best software solutions to do their best work. For this particular award, they reviewed a total of 627 Applicant Tracking Systems to ensure a thorough review, and took the highest rated and plotted them below.


plot chart top applicant tracking 2021


What is an Applicant Tracking System?

BerniePortal’s Applicant Tracking System helps companies streamline their interview process, bringing in top talent with less road blocks along the way. Here are some key features that set our Applicant Tracking System apart from others:

  • Indeed Integration
    BerniePortal has a strategic partnership with Indeed that allows job postings created within the Applicant Tracking System to seamlessly post to their job boards, automatically widening the applicant pool. Any applications through Indeed will still show up in your BerniePortal account, ensuring the hiring manager is able to stay organized even with an influx of candidates.
  • No log-in required to apply for a job
    BerniePortal does not require applicants to create a log-in, which typically turns applicants away from applying to job openings. The applicant will only be prompted to create a sign in once they have received an email stating they have a message from the hiring manager regarding their application. Candidates and hiring managers both love this feature as it widens the applicant pool by creating an efficient applying process.
  • Organize and Manage Candidates
    BerniePortal stores all job applicants in one centralized location within the platform, making it easier for hiring managers to stay organized throughout the process. Easily track, filter, and move your candidates through the hiring phases with a progress tracking bar.

Applicant Tracking Hiring Progress Bar

  • Efficient Candidate Messaging
    Typically hiring managers find themselves sending the same messages to their job candidates, especially early in the hiring process. BerniePortal’s Applicant Tracking System allows you to store a library of templates to message candidates more efficiently, leaving a lasting impression.

Applicant Tracking Messaging Candidates

  • No Duplicate Entry and Seamlessly Onboard New Hires
    You just received a signed job offer letter back, now what? Seamlessly transition your new hire to Onboarding from the Applicant Tracking feature. BerniePortals saves information that was inputted through the application process, auto-filling and speeding up onboarding paperwork. With turnover being the highest in the first few months of a new job, a smooth Onboarding process is critical to a company’s success.

    Button to mark new hire as onboard

What are users saying about BerniePortal’s ATS?

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what users are saying about BerniePortal on Capterra:


“Very positive experience. Really makes my job easier”


"We've seen many [employers] get excited about the platform, especially when they are able to easily learn more about their benefits and how to keep their benefit information organized in one place."

The software is really easy to use and understand”


“Great software for employee onboarding, eliminates all the typical paperwork and saves time!”

See firsthand why users love BerniePortal, sign up for a demo today.
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