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BerniePortal's 1:1 Norms

BerniePortal's 1:1 Norms

BerniePortal's new Performance Management tool utilizes the power of 1:1 meetings to inspire employee growth and development with ongoing feedback and an open forum for coaching and communication.

Quick refresh: what is a 1:1?

A 1:1 is a regularly scheduled meeting that managers hold with each of their direct reports to provide an ongoing outlet for open communication and dialogue on the full scope of an employee’s responsibilities. These meetings provide the opportunity for growth-centric conversations and ensure job clarity and goal alignment, not to mention their benefit from a compliance standpoint. Regular 1:1s allow for increased visibility and accountability for managers and employees alike.

Internal 1:1 norms at BerniePortal

Here at BerniePortal, we are what we preach. So, in discussing the importance of regular 1:1s and feedback in the health of an organization, it is equally important to showcase the norms that govern 1:1s in our organization.

  • Length & Frequency: Ranging from 30-90 minutes, we typically host our 1:1s weekly.
  • Forum: The 1:1 convenes a manager and their direct employee report for an open discussion guided by the previously set and agreed upon agenda.
  • Agenda: Proposed first by the employee, the agenda is sent to the manager the day before the scheduled 1:1 meeting to allow time for the manager to add any items they may have.
  • Agenda Details:  The more sensitive the agenda item, the more detailed it should be fleshed out in the agenda.
    • For example, topics such as compensation or negative feedback should be fully fleshed out in the agenda, including any relevant points to be made or questions to be asked during the conversation.
    • Another example is a project or issue that an employee is struggling with how to handle so that the manager will have proper time to think through the problem and put together recommendations ahead of the meeting.
  • Summary: Within 24 hours of the end of the 1:1, the employee is expected to send a detailed summary of what was discussed in the meeting. The manager should then respond to the summary confirming understanding, clarifying points, and/or providing relevant additional information.
  • Documentation: All 1:1 correspondence will be posted within the BerniePortal Performance Feature discussion board for complete transparency and visibility. 

Learn more about how we utilize 1:1s


To learn more about BerniePortal's new Performance Management feature, click here.

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