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Aquire new business with branded presentations


Ecos presentations

Ecos is an online presentation-sharing platform that BerniePortal provides its licensees. Each agency using BerniePortal receives one login to Ecos. This login provides access to official BerniePortal marketing content that can be used to pitch BerniePortal to current and prospective clients.

Mix and match your own content with BerniePortal's content to quickly create presentations for your agency.


When should Ecos be used?

1. Presenting to prospect

Ecos is a great tool for putting quality presentations together quickly. Use your Ecos portal to create branded presentations that pitch BerniePortal as part of your value proposition. By having accurate, targeted content readily available, brokers can  acquire new business and increase client retention.

2. Bringing groups online

As with any new system, your clients might be apprehensive about taking benefits online. A broker must convince the employer that BerniePortal adds value to its users' organizations. Using Ecos, brokers can access pre-constructed presentations and content that can be used to ease client worries. By making clients more comfortable with BerniePortal, brokers can increase adoption rate.

3. Analyzing presentation usage

Ecos provides agencies metrics that track presentation usage. These metrics track which presentations are capturing the most traffic and interest. This information can be used to adjust presentations according to your specific agency. 


What content is in your Ecos account?

 BerniePortal's marketing team has put together an extensive array of content designed specifically capture your employer audience. The BerniePortal content library within Ecos provides everything from video tours to e-books and is kept up to date on the latest product updates.  

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Already have an account?

Login to Ecos


How to get started

Ready to get started? Contact your Client Success representative to get your BerniePortal + Ecos account up and running! 


Learn more

Ecos + BerniePortal Webinar

4 tips for marketing your agency


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