Define your message

Create an authentic tone of voice for your brand so your candidates know exactly what to expect as an employee. Make sure the voice is consistent at every touching-point by aligning the messaging on your application sites. Aim to present a cohesive picture of your organization but not to the point that uniformity detracts from the human element.


Survey candidate experiences

Hiring managers and HR experts should take an in-depth look at the entire hiring process to find pitfalls that may hurt a candidates experience. For example, extensive online applications have the potential to drive away qualified talent before even entering the interview process. 
Because interviews are the most anxiety-inducing part of the hiring process, HR and hiring managers should take additional steps to help make candidates feel welcomed. As an easy way to calm minds, you could provide a few sample questions ahead of time for the interview. If this is a route you decide to take, be sure you keep things consistent by providing all potential candidates with the same sample questions.

Implement transparency and empathy

Empathy is necessary to provide a positive employer brand. Organization stakeholders need to be able to view the application process from the potential candidate perspective. Consider taking a test run from the candidate's side of things. How easy is your application process? Where might candidates get stuck? What kind of additional information would they like to know? For example, if your job descriptions list desired skillsets but not job benefits, the process will seem one-sided. Hiring is a two-way street. Meet your candidates halfway by sharing the benefits of becoming a member of your team. 
Whether you’re building an employer brand from scratch or just readjusting your existing culture, consider these steps:
  1. Create your brand's tone of voice.
  2. Make your hiring process inclusive. 
  3. Utilize technology to make applications more accessible. 
  4. Commit to transparency and empathy. 

Voicing your employer brand enables those outside your organization to understand your purpose, vision, and culture. Find the best candidates faster by bringing your recruitment online with BerniePortal.



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